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Wow, we're engaged!!!

Yes, I said it too....and 25 years later, "getting married" still the best thing I ever did! I feel that after performing for over 850 weddings (and speaking to as many brides, grooms, parents, officiants, wedding coordinators...the list goes on... to plan their events) in Rhode Island and Massachusetts, I may be of some assistance... This Blog will feature random thoughts and advice I have given to our clients over the years....


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There are many to choose from. Which one is right for "you"? We've had the honor to perform for well over 800 weddings and have "seen them all", so to speak. There are many well-established officia

"Do you take special requests...?"

Yes we do! As a service-based group we will do I best to accommodate music that is not on our song list, however, not all songs can be adapted for a "classical trio". For a while (during the "rap ye

Do I need a contract for each vendor?

The short answer, yes! Digging deeper, if your are going through a wedding planner whose preferred vendors you plan to use, you may be able to book the vendors through the planner. In this case, the


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