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"Do you take special requests...?"

Yes we do! As a service-based group we will do I best to accommodate music that is not on our song list, however, not all songs can be adapted for a "classical trio".

For a while (during the "rap years") we had a few requests for rap. As a professional composer/arranger I am up to almost any "special request" challenge....but early rap poses musical challenges that are hard to overcome.

Early rap (for many music "purists") was not considered music as it did not have a melody...just a beat/rhythmic background with words over the top.

How do you write that for flute/violin/cello??? Your guess is as good as mine!

During a conference with a client if she/he asks for a specific song I immediately go online and give the song a listen...within 30 seconds I can tell a client if it's "doable"....most are.

Oh well, time to go....gotta write music for an upcoming Italian wedding; (the Tarantella, etc.)


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