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There are many to choose from. Which one is right for "you"? We've had the honor to perform for well over 800 weddings and have "seen them all", so to speak. There are many well-established officiants in Rhode Island and the surrounding area that do a wonderful job. I would feel confident hiring most of them for my daughter's wedding, come the day.

Over the past five years or so I have seen a growing trend of couples who ask a friend/relative to officiate their ceremony as a "license for the day" officiant.

With all good intentions, being asked to officiate a ceremony is an honor...however, it carries great responsibility.

Communication/preparation is key.

While interviewing prospective clients, I always ask about the officiant. If it is to be a "license for the day" scenario I request to speak directly to that person no later than one month prior to the wedding. If he/she has not already done so, I suggest that the ceremony be written down (large type) and practiced in front of a mirror..... Practice makes perfect!


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