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Experience = Confidence

....or is it Confidence = Experience"? Once a couple's wedding budget is determined, the search for vendors begins....Dress, Flowers, DJ, String Quartet.... the list goes on. Some feel that it is a bit daunting at first but once your reception & ceremony sites are booked, things will come together rather quickly.

As far as venues are concerned, should you go with a proven venue that has been in existence for years with 100's (or thousands) of weddings under its belt or a brand new venue that just opened? Many couples may wish to shy away from a "wedding factory" and seek a newer place for their reception but there is risk. A recent 2017 story comes to mind: a local RI restaurant/hotel/function site had closed several years ago only to reopen as a new premier wedding site. As ill-fate would have it, the town shut it down in the middle of wedding season.... In the newspaper: Town Name Here, R.I. – A Town Name Here venue has been ordered to cancel all weddings because of zoning and usage violations, leaving 16 couples to seek last-minute arrangements.

A nightmare......I am sure that the families had local (to that venue) hotel blocks reserved........

Maybe the above-affected couples would have been better off going with a venue that has been around for years, has a proven track record, and expects to be be around for years to come...

The same can be said for all wedding vendors. Yes, a couple can save some money going with an inexperienced Photographer, DJ, Caterer, String Quartet etc. but is it really worth saving a few hundred dollars going with unproven vendors??



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