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Does cost equal quality?

This morning as I sit in my office during the first "nor'easter" snowstorm of 2018 I am reminded of similar "snowstorm scenario" about 15 years ago.... (BTW: when a newly-engaged couple is told to "work from home" due to storm-related issues, it seems to translate to: "search for vendors while you work from home"). Don't feel guilty, it's normal!

Ok, back on subject... I had a "storm call" from a bride searching for wedding music in Newport, RI. The conversation was per usual as the bride was looking for ceremony and cocktail hour music (which we specialize in). We had experience at the venue, experience with the officiant, etc....a perfect fit. Once all of the details were known, I quoted our fee schedule for her event. The call ended...but to my dismay, I never heard from her again.

Fast forward six months and I get a last minute call from a booking agency to fill a wedding date in Newport. We take the gig. When we arrive, lo and behold, it was for the bride that called me on that snowy day! You should have seen the look on her face - priceless! It seems that the bride had budgeted a certain amount for ceremony and cocktail hour music and the quote that I gave her was too low (?). (The agency adds $300.00 to our price thus we were paid our appropriate fee and the agency made $300.00 for making one call to me.) Oh well, supporting the local economy I guess..

So, the question still stands: Does cost equal quality? The answer: Sometimes yes and sometimes no.


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