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Wedding ceremony or pre-recorded?

Traditional? Contemporary? Do I even need music? There are so many ways to go! With the trend of DJ'd wedding receptions becoming the norm, the need for some live music on your day becomes more important. You have a beautiful venue, (real) flowers, perfect dress, an excellent caterer, the list goes on and now your DJ says that he can provide your ceremony music...

Hmmmm, let's see..30 minutes before your outdoor ceremony is scheduled to begin, the DJ spins a compilation of classical music... or 30 minutes before your ceremony begins, your classical trio/quartet begins to play some Vivaldi, setting the tone for your day. If you envision an elegant wedding, the choice is obvious. As a caterer once told me (after she asked me for a business card) "if the music for the ceremony is beautiful, my food will taste all starts with you..".


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